January 25, 2024

3 Reasons to Partner With Ashton Gray for Your Medical Real Estate Project

In the world of medical professions and practices, the barrier to entry is high. Education takes years and costs tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Plus, the next stage of your career: starting or expanding your medical practice, requires a significant investment of time and money.

At Ashton Gray, our business model is designed to remove the barriers surrounding practice start-ups or expansions. To do so, we focused on three core ideas of entrepreneurship that medical practitioners struggle with:

  • Scale: How to take a currently successful practice and seamlessly transition to a larger operation or multiple locations.
  • Time: Finding the time in between running a successful practice to expand efficiently and intelligently.
  • Cash: How to pay for the endeavor, without negatively affecting your current practice or lifestyle.

In this blog, we’ll explain how Ashton Gray tackles these challenges and why those are the very reasons medical practitioners like yourself should partner with us.


Helping Your Practice Scale

Ashton Gray helps partners in the dental, veterinarian, and medical world expand their current businesses or practices, with a full-service approach to real estate development.

It starts with financial lending services (more on this later) which gives you the capital to expand to more locations, without sapping your current resources.

Not only does Ashton Gray allow you to scale your practice or medical business, but you also get the benefits of working with a company that operates on a large scale.

Ashton Gray Economy of Scale

We’ve helped hundreds of medical businesses across the United States expand or build the practice of their dreams. This means we’re highly experienced in developing facilities that adhere to the needs of medical doctors, dentists, veterinarians, and medical staff — while understanding how to coordinate a build around a busy lifestyle. As we’ve helped those practices, offices, and businesses we’ve developed relationships with top-notch construction teams, municipalities, lawyers, and more — all with experience in the healthcare field. 

This means even if your practice plans on simply expanding to another location or moving to a new facility, we can deploy cost savings and expertise characteristic of a much larger operation.

Our support goes beyond the development of your practice, as well. We can help you continue to scale — we helped one dentist expand his practice from 4 locations to 43, in just three years.

Enhance Dental

We also offer property management services, relieving you of the day-to-day maintenance associated with occupying a facility. At Ashton Gray, we believe freeing you from tasks like property maintenance, gives you not just the time, but the mental capacity to focus on running the best version of your practice. As partners, this means both you and Ashton Gray flourish.


You Can Focus on Healthcare, We Handle Real Estate

As a full-service real estate developer, we’re hands-on for as long as necessary. From ideas to grand openings to retirement, we can handle every aspect of expanding your practice’s real estate and real estate investments.

We’ve found busy medical practitioners want a partner that gathers input on what their ideal practice looks like and allows them to focus on running their current practice while keeping them in the loop during development. This allows each party to focus on their areas of expertise.

As a medical professional, your time is extremely valuable. Spending that time learning the ins and outs of financing, site selection, entitlements, budgeting, permitting, construction, and long-term asset management just might not be possible.

Hiring Ashton Gray means you’re sliding those responsibilities off your plate and onto ours, and our table is full of experts in each of the aforementioned disciplines.

Arrive at Turn-Key Quickly

In addition to saving you time during the development (so you can focus on running your practice) Ashton Gray’s team of medical real estate development experts get your project to market faster.

Our team doesn’t just provide expertise, guiding you along development, they put it to work so your project is finished quicker than it would be under an ad-hoc or DIY approach.


As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand one of the biggest barriers to more dentists, veterinarians, physical therapists, and other medical professionals becoming entrepreneurs is funding.

We’ll get straight to the point — our model requires little to no cash down. We invest in the success of your practice and for your practice to meet its potential, it requires capital, resources, and a vision — not an owner who is worried about cash.

As investors and entrepreneurs in medical real estate, we understand the risks involved but we’ve built an expansive network that can spread the weight of risks. Instead of medical practitioners risking their nest egg, you can partner with Ashton Gray and reap the benefits of having our eggs in many baskets.

Talk to the Experts at Ashton Gray

These are our 3 BIG reasons why you should partner with Ashton Gray, but you may need a few more before you decide to move forward with us — and that’s understandable. Our team is standing by to walk you through the process. You may be just a phone conversation away from beginning the journey toward your ideal practice. Let’s talk!